Friday, July 15, 2011

Jakarta-Bandung-Trans Studio

Thursday Morning at 5 o'clock, we went to Bandung. So happy but still sleepy..

And here we are, at Trans Studio Bandung. Although still at 9, trans bandung studio was crowded with visitors. The ticket is 150.000 rupiahs for each person and 10.000 rupiahs for the card. 

I really like the lighting effects that adorn this Trans Studio room. Very colorful. The atmosphere seems like in Las Vegas, forms a typical cafe.Create a cheerful atmosphere. It's fun to shoot whatever's there

The vehicles are really tense, the name that i still remember are Vertigo, Giant Swing, Jelajah, Dunia Lain, Yamaha Roller Coaster, Negeri Raksasa, Taman Liliput, Sky Pirates, etc. And many performances like drama, dance, and hollywood look a like.

Thanks for Jerry, Kiki, Ivan, Mishella, and Oscar for this holiday trip.. So fun be with you guys.. God bless you all ! 

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